The Botany Lesson
colored pencil and watercolor

My botanist grandfather, Fred Moreland, taught me to look at nature in a scientific way: beyond the beauty of the flower’s appearance is the beauty of the way it functions and fits into its ecosystem.These drawings combine images of plants and birds that I associate with my grandfather. The plants include those which were the focus of his research at LSU as well as the species with which he occupied his retirement years. His curiosity about nature included an interest in birds. The birds in these drawings are the visitors to his backyard feeder that we observed together when I was a child.
The artist with her grandfather, ca. 1962.






Cycad with Cardinals
Manihot with Bluebirds
Tulip Tree with Flickers
Holly with Cedar Waxwings
Tomato Plant with Blue Jays
Gourd Vine with Wrens
Portulaca with Chickadees


Sweet Potato Vine with Mockingbirds






Sugar Cane with Killdeer
Cypress Tree with Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers

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