Avian Alphabet
colored pencil and watercolor
8" x 8" 1998

After a particularly hectic year, I made
“An Avian Alphabet” just for fun. It allowed
me to indulge both my love of birds and my
love of patterns. It also set me the challenge
of finding a bird for each letter without using adjectives or scientific names.



A is for Avocet
B is for Booby
C is for Chickadee
D is for Dove
E is for Egret
F is for Flamingo
G is for Gallinule
H is for Hummingbird
I is for I'iwi
J is for Jay
K is for Kingfisher
L is for Loon
M is for Mockingbird
N is for Nuthatch
O is for Oriole
P is for Puffin Q is for Quail R is for Rosella
S is for Sapsucker
T is for Towhee U is for Umbrellabird V is for Vulture

W is for Waxwing


X is for Xenops


Y is for Yellowthroat


Z is for Zuguro-mizo-goi


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